May 26, 2016

History of the TWKA Founder

History behind TWKA

Karate is Vic Moore’s passion, and he has a strict approach to karate. Vic came from the “Old School” of karate and had to earn every honor that he received. As an instructor Vic Moore doesn’t give away belts or titles, with Vic you must earn them! As karate movies became very popular in the 60’s and 70″s they sparked a massive influx of people wanting to learn karate. The enormous supply of students far exceeded the minute supply of instructors, which ignited a large demand for instructors. There was an influx of foreign karate teachers to the US, many of whom were under qualified and promoted themselves to higher ranks. There also were many 1st and 2nd degree black belts that were not really qualified to teach karate, leaving the Dojo early,

to cash in on the new cash cow of karate schools. An instructor that only knows so much can only teach so much to his/her students, then those students became teachers and the cycle repeated itself. Vic met 4th degree black belts that only knew 2 punches, 2 kicks, and one stance, and 3rd degree black belts knowing 3 punches, 1 kick, 2 stances, and 2 katas. This was troubling to Vic.

Words of Grandmaster Victor Moore:

” Greetings- I come to you with only karate, empty hands. I have no weapons, but should it be a matter of life or death, fight or wrong, then I offer you my only weapons: My bare hands- Karate!

In my many years of learning, practicing, and teaching the art of karate, I have seen karate deteriorate drastically. The standards and principals are compromised. Karate is being transformed into something almost unrecognizable. Kind of like that game people play where you whisper a phrase to a person, and that person repeats the phrase to the next person, and that person passes the message on to the next and so on and so forth. When you get to the last person, the message is different from the original message, and is usually funny because the end message usually makes no sense or is way far from the original. I could not sit and watch karate deteriorate like this so in 1975 I Vic Moore took a stand to preserve and protect the traditional methods and teachings of karate in it’s many different styles and formed the Traditional World Karate Association. In this association we have established a set of standards and requirements for the experienced as well as the novice to use as a guide to move up through the ranks. This will establish a solid foundation for individuals to build upon.

On a national scale, our instructors and the association agree upon these minimum set of standards for a black belt in karate:

* Discipline as the art teaches

* know the history of the art

* Have Dojo rules

* Be in karate for at least 2 years

* Be at least 12 years of age

* Know at least 6 of each of the stances, blocks, punches, strikes, katas, and major self-defense techniques

If you already meet these standards, great! If not, we will assist you in getting the proper training.”

GM Victor Moore 10th Dan