May 26, 2016

Not Close Enough

This is a perpendicular view of the clearest footage of the speed drill between Vic Moore and Bruce Lee, played frame by frame from when Bruce lunged with his 3rd and final punch (Which was supposed to be thrown at Vic Moore’s chest but was directed at Vic’s head) . Notice the black line in front of Vic that appears to be part of the footage. Bruce’s fist never came past that line. In the book, “Bruce Lee: The Incomparable Fighter”, author Mito Uyehara, a long time friend and student of Bruce Lee, wrote that Bruce threw 6 punches at Vic Moore and Vic missed all of them. Close analysis of the available footage which is mostly tainted and eye witness testimony say different! Vic Moore doesn’t wish to bash Bruce Lee, as Bruce had passed many years before the book was written and Bruce had no say as to what went into the book, but Vic wants to set the record straight about the speed drill in which Vic clearly won!